Why choose Global Blue?

Global Blue is the number one tax refund provider in the world, and has worked with both small and large retailers for more than 40 years.
Our success has been built on making the tax refund process simple and efficient and by creating strong partnerships with our merchants.

A service built through experience and collaboration

Global Blue is committed to helping your business grow, and our range of solutions is geared towards your success.

Global Blue in numbers

  • Present in 42 countries
  • Partner to more than 300,000 retailers
  • Performed 36 millions Tax Free Transactions FY18/19

What are the benefits for you of working with Global Blue?

   1) We help you grow your business.

Use our performance reports and industry insights to refine your plans.

   2) We make it effortless and quick for your staff.

Reduce time at till with our innovative technical solutions and staff training - learn more.

   3) We give your customers the best experience.

Your customers benefit from the largest choice of refund locations, payment options and even dedicated VIP services. - learn more.

   4) We make administration simple and easy.

Benefit from transparent and easy accounting through our special tools and functionalities.

   5) We help you beyond Tax Free Shopping.

Increase footfall in your store and brand awareness thanks to our marketing services - learn more.

What makes Global Blue attractive to international shoppers?

  • More than 600 Refund Offices worldwide, located in airports, city centres and stores, even in their home countries.
  • A large selection of refund channels: cash, credit card, bank transfer, Alipay …
  • Best-in-class customer service to deal with any queries or questions via phone, chat or email in all countries.
  • Faster processing with the Global Blue SHOP TAX FREE Card, allowing auto-fill of details at issuing.
  • VIP services at selected airports in Europe.