END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

In-store Solutions

Our all-in-one solutions offer more than just issuing


Our technology delivers the most efficient tax free solutions combined with the best added-value services at the till. The result is an easy and seamless experience for your international shoppers and the store staff.

Benefits for your business

  • Benefit immediately from our latest innovations and seamless updates thanks to our centrally managed cloud-based solution

  • Offer shoppers a personalised experience, thanks to our varied refund services

  • Drive more business to your store, with marketing capabilities integrated into your solution

  • Ensure you are PCI compliant

  • Address specific business challenges on demand with our menu of functionalities

  • Issue faster and more safely than ever, thanks to our tools that capture all mandatory data

  • Use our solutions on different platforms (including mobile and PC) for all your stores – offline and online

  • Access around-the-clock help, thanks to the different self-service functionalities included


Which solution is the perfect match for you?



IC2 Web – The ideal solution to get you started. Get the link and start issuing
in a few clicks
IC2 Desktop – A software solution with the option to connect external devices such as passport readers or thermal printers, depending on your store’s configuration



IC2 Mobile – To provide a personalised experience to your customer,
anywhere in the store


IC2 Terminal
– A compact, portable, convenient solution that can be combined
with your payment solution



IC2 Integra – Designed for stores with high traffic, this is fully integrated
with your POS system for a seamless process


IC2 Kiosk
– An assisted self-service that is ideal for department stores
and stores with high traffic


We constantly innovate to improve the process 

  • Capture for IC2 – Issuing made faster and easier thanks to an application allowing the capture of traveller data on a tablet or mobile phone. Captured by scanning the passport, the data is sent automatically to the issuing solution
  • SmartSearch - Faster issuing for shoppers who have already used our service
  • IC2 Portal – An interface included in our in-store solutions that enables store staff to find the answer to customer questions in two clicks
  • E-commerce - Our solution that allows international shoppers to claim a tax refund for their online purchases*

    (*Delivery or collection in EU country for export. Terms and conditions apply)


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