Our Tax Free Shopping Solutions

Our innovative solutions empower brands to improve their retail performance with international shoppers, while enhancing the shopper experience.
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Retailer Solutions

We offer the best-in-class technologies to process Tax Free Shopping transactions, as well as consulting and advisory services to capture the growth of international shoppers.

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Traveller Solutions

Our state-of-the-art digital solutions upgrade the experience for shoppers at every step of the Tax Free Shopping journey.

  • A wide range of refund options and payment methods allow the traveller the maxium flexibility in their Tax Free journey.
  • Our Mobile Customer Care (MCC) solution improves drastically their ability to get their refunds.


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Customs Solutions

We ensure that the Tax Free Shopping process is reliable, secure and compliant. 

Our Customs Approval System (CAS) delivers an integrated suite of digital export validation solutions for Customs and Authorities.

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