Our Traveller solutions

Our best in class solutions enable all of our clients to optimise their travellers Tax Free Shopping experience, thanks to our advanced technology.

Comprehensive Traveller Solutions

With a wide range of refund options and payment methods available, travelers have maximum flexibility in their Tax Free journey, and their ability to obtain refunds is greatly improved with our Mobile Customer Care (MCC) solution.

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Refund options

We offer a wide range of refund options and payment methods to allow the traveler the maxium flexibility in their Tax Free journey. 

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Traveller care

Not all travellers are frequent Tax free Shoppers. Our traveller care solution improve drastically their ability to get their refunds. 

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Discover Global Blue's Lounges

Strategically located in the top luxury shopping districts, Global Blue Lounges offer a welcoming space for VIP visitors to unwind and enjoy a first-class refund experience.

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