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We continually offer disruptive new retail technologies that provide the best-in-class response to the main challenges concerning the post purchase experience.
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A leading digital receipt provider, enabling you to better understand and engage with your customers.
Yocuda's innovative technology enables you to send customised, content-rich digital receipts to each customer, based on who they are and what they have bought.

  • Increase customer engagement with up to 75% open rates

  • Drive sales with targeted offers, product recommendations and promotions

  • Enhance customer satisfaction via surveys, ratings or review

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A leading e-commerce communication provider, empowering you to turn your e-commerce delivery process into a new post-purchase experience opportunity.

Shipup's e-commerce solutions allow you to deliver seamless, proactive and branded post-purchase communication to your customers. Shipup's technology provides real-time notifications, AI-powered delivery estimates, tracking via your website and a customer satisfaction survey at delivery.

  • Reduce delivery enquiries by up to 80% and save up to 50% on refunds
  • Increase repeat purchase rate by 19% on average
  • Improve customer satisfaction by up to +140%
Woman is packing the product to return


As an e-commerce logistics technology platform, ZigZag enables shoppers to manage returns more efficiently and profitably.
ZigZag replaces the outdated paper-based 'label in the box' solutions with a new digitalised returns portal that offers a greater range of delivery options and exchange alternatives.

  • Reduce logistics costs via consolidation and local market resale up to 50%
  • Drive a 40% reduction in customer enquiries thanks to enhanced customer satisfaction and a more efficient and streamlined returns process
  • Increase revenue by allowing exchange versus return
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