The World Shopping Hub: August Newsletter 2019

The World Shopping Hub blog is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as international shoppers’ behavioural travelling and shopping trends. Discover below the main news for August 2019.

The changing world of experiential travel
There’s an old Chinese proverb that says travelling thousands of miles is a better way to learn and understand the world than reading thousands of books. Driven by millennial travellers and affluent tourists in new markets, experience is the key motivation for travelling today, as consumers increasingly look to amass experiences rather than things..... Read more

Deep dive into the bubbling world of influencers
Influencers have forced brands to communicate with consumers in a more personal and down-to earth way, that’s proving very effective. Influencers’ ability to spotlight new places, premiere collections or raise the profile of brands and destinations is powerful, and often very valuable when channelled correctly...... Read more

DEEP-DIVE: The luxury fashion industry sees the seeds of sustainability grow

The fashion industry is now the world’s 2nd largest polluter, right after the oil industry. Leading by example, the luxury fashion industry has made it a priority to rethink its entire business model from the ground up, bringing new challenges and benefits...... Read more

When second-hand becomes first choice
Part of the appeal of second-hand clothing has always been the opportunity to find unique pieces that stand out from mainstream fashion, and for today’s individuality-focused Millennials and Gen Z this is a key factor in their purchasing behaviour...... Read more