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The World Shopping Hub: September Newsletter 2019

The World Shopping Hub blog is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as international shoppers’ behavioural travelling and shopping trends. Discover below the main news for September 2019.

Changing games in Luxury
On mobile apps, in WeChat or online, retro-inspired and graphic games offer a way for players to engage with brands and gain rare product access..... Read more

Singapore’s retail industry continues to roar
With its unique architectural destinations, year-round warm weather, and proximity to other Asian countries, Singapore offers a variety of attractions for a variety of travellers. And who could forget its luxury shopping and hospitality scene?..... Read more

The Changing World of Customer Experience

Nuno Oliveira, Business Director Iberia Region for VIA Outlets, a leading owner-operator of outlets centres across Europe, answers our questions around the evolution of customer relationships and the opportunities ahead..... Read more

Global Blue and Alipay team up to make Chinese Golden Week worth celebrating
With a +13% increase of Chinese passengers expected in Europe over Chinese Golden Week this October, this will be an important week for Chinese travellers and European retailers alike...... Read more