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The World Shopping Hub: May News 2019

The World Shopping Hub blog is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as Globe Shoppers’ behavioural travelling and shopping trends. Discover below the main news for May 2019.

When second-hand becomes first choice
Part of the appeal of second-hand clothing has always been the opportunity to find unique pieces that stand out from mainstream fashion, and for today’s individuality-focused Millennials and Gen Z this is a key factor in their purchasing behaviour..... Read more

Japanese tourism spend blossoms during exceptional 10-day long golden week
May 1st marked the beginning of newly enthroned Japanese emperor Naruhito’s Reiwa reign after his father’s abdication. The historic event coincided with the traditional Japanese Golden week holiday and resulted in a special 10-day break from April 27th to May 6th..... Read more

5 reasons behind Americans’ current love affair with Europe
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A digital success story: 1 million travellers served since launch
Early 2017, Global Blue launched Mobile Customer Care (MCC) the very first Tax Free Shopping platform providing real-time support to international shoppers. In 2 years, 3 million real-time communications were sent to 1 million travellers across 55,000 stores in 27 countries...... Read more

Looking to grow Chinese tourist spend? The answer is in the sky
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