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The World Shopping Hub: June News 2019

The World Shopping Hub blog is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as Globe Shoppers’ behavioural travelling and shopping trends. Discover below the main news for June 2019.

Sportswear is the new chic
Fueled by Millennial nostalgia and a new golden age of streetwear, once-popular brands are coming back from the dead, filled with retro-inspired products and re-imagined archive pieces..... Read more

APAC tops the charts for Department Stores performance in 2018
The annual World Department Stores Forum in Tokyo on June 6 & 7th was the opportunity for Global Blue to unveil exclusive data around Department Stores global Tax Free Shopping trends over the last 5 years..... Read more

Now ready for take-off: Chinese air traffic recap since the beginning of 2019

Back in 2018, the trade war between China and the USA resulted in a sharp decrease of Chinese outbound trips to the US. This equated to almost half a million less Chinese visits to the US from 2017 to 2018, a -14% decrease in YoY growth according to COTRI analytics..... Read more

Welcome IC2 Integra!
The fast pace at which Global Blue brings new innovations to the market required an overarching, more agile system, capable to install product upgrades or new solutions with minimal local implementation effort for all our merchants. Khalil Achkar, Global Blue VP Merchant Engagement tells more about the IC2 Integra solution and its benefits for merchants...... Read more

Ensuring compliance in a rapidly-changing industry
Watch Jeremy Henderson-Ross, General Counsel Global Blue, explain the ins and outs of compliance in the Tax Free Shopping industry...... Read more