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The World Shopping Hub: April News 2019

The World Shopping Hub blog is the place where you will find regional and market performances as well as Globe Shoppers’ behavioural travelling and shopping trends. Discover below the main news for April 2019.

The Watch & Jewellery category is back to double-digit growth in 2019
5 things you need to know about the watch & jewellery category in 2019..... Read more

These countries are losing out on Russian spend
Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission recently lowered the threshold of free of duty import..... Read more

Do not forget your high-spending globe shoppers
The European Tax Free Shopping market is surfing on a wave of premiumisation since the beginning of 2019..... Read more

4 levers towards Portugal’s Tax Free Shopping up-surge
Lisbon, April 3rd – Jacques Stern, Global Blue President & CEO, presented the audience of the Luxury Shopping Talks with key data on Portugal’s current Tax Free Shopping (TFS) market and the opportunities ahead..... Read more

Why Spain is the only country showing an increase of transactions
March 27th 2019, Madrid – Global Blue unveiled during a conference exclusive data around Spanish Tax Free Shopping (TFS) market for the year of 2018...... Read more