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Plan for 2021 with Global Blue’s latest travel calendar

Our newly released travel calendar helps you prepare to welcome international shoppers throughout 2021 and is available for download now

Our calendar has evolved to bring you value during post-pandemic uncertainty

While previous editions of our travel calendar gave insight based on historical spend and travel patterns, the mid to long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these behaviours is yet to be seen.

Therefore, we have adapted our latest calendar to, instead, focus on the long-standing cultural habits of our top shopper nationalities, i.e. those who are most likely to travel and shop throughout Europe and Asia in a normal year. Key festive dates and holiday periods when shoppers may be likely to travel are signposted, so that you can both anticipate a potential increase in traffic and provide a personalised service that celebrates their cultural moment.

In addition to our yearly travel calendar and to further support you in preparing for the return of  international visitors, we are offering new cultural trainings so that store staff can better understand customers from China, Russia and Middle Eastern countries.

You can also attend our quarterly Observatory sessions, which use shopper research and spend data to track signs of recovery and early trends in the international shopping sector. To register, please contact your Sales Manager or send us an email to


Download the new Global Blue travel calendar now

The 2021 travel calendar is available in both European and Asian editions. Please feel free to download and print your copy so that it can be made accessible and visible to your staff:

Fill in our webform to access your copy here.