END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

Mobile Customer Care: our digital breakthrough

Global Blue’s Mobile Customer Care (MCC) brings real-time support to travelers throughout their Tax Free Shopping journey.

Global Blue is pleased to announce the first industry innovation to offer personalized, real-time mobile support. Available exclusively to Global Blue affiliated merchants, MCC has been launched as part of Global Blue’s mission to increase merchants’ revenue and improve Globe Shoppers’ experience.

Merchants’ benefits: higher refund completion rate and revenues

For merchants, this differentiating service is key to higher customer satisfaction level as well as increased revenue thanks to a higher refund completion rate.

Indeed, MCC seamlessly guides the Globe Shopper throughout their entire Tax Free journey and ensures they have reached the refund stage. The solution provides real-time support to travelers via their smartphones, from the initial Tax Free Shopping transaction, all the way through to confirmation of the refund payment.

How does it work?

MCC relies on a notification service where a series of transaction-triggered emails and SMS are sent to Globe Shoppers’ phones to guide them onto their next required action. All notifications are adapted to mobile-messaging format, with email offering richer content and SMS delivering shorter alerts.

Underpinning the notification service is a mobile-optimised website, providing travellers with detailed information on the status of refund transactions and the next required action, along with value-added tools such as an option to set refund reminders and local airport guides. This website is accessible via a link contained in each notification, or from a quick link icon added to the mobile home screen.


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