END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

Introducing IC2 Phone, our new smartphone application for merchants

Gain more versatility and speed with Tax Free Form issuing, thanks to Global Blue’s newly launched IC2 Phone solution for merchants

With shopping behaviour changing in the current COVID era, Global Blue is continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of merchants and shoppers. Our newest development, the IC2 Phone application, enables the retailers to issue Tax Free Forms directly from a smartphone. It makes use of the phone’s technology for faster issuing, in turn minimising social interaction and time spent in-store.

Enjoy maximum versatility with your in-store issuing

IC2 Phone offers a flexible solution that can easily adapt to the different requirements of each store, whether that’s by offering a backup solution to the main issuing software or by adding more mobility to the issuing process. Moreover, it can be easily integrated into existing store systems as all our issuing solutions from our wide-ranging IC2 portfolio.

How does it work? The same issuing process as our other IC2 solutions, with the added benefit of smartphone capabilities.

When the shopper pays for their goods at the till, the sales representative will check if he is eligible for Tax Free Shopping, and then opens the IC2 Phone app to generate a Tax Free Form. The app uses the phone’s camera to scan the shopper’s passport and fills their details into the form automatically.

Next, the sales representative will enter the information of the goods purchased, the refund service and the refund payment method and hit ‘issue’ to generate the form. Finally, the form is printed via the app’s connection to the store’s thermal or A4 pdf printers.

The shopper can also provide their phone number or email address to receive a notification from our Mobile Customer Care tool. This will enable them to manage the tax refund digitally via their own phone.

Thanks to IC2 Phone, we provide merchants with a new modern way to issue quickly and instantly a Tax Free Form for an enhanced shopping experience!
To access this innovation, search for the app in your preferred App Store or Google Play. For any questions, please CONTACT US.