END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

International shoppers can now get Tax Free refunds on their mobile

Our new Mobile Self-Refunding service provides a quicker and safer Tax Free Shopping experience for international shoppers when they shop abroad

In the current Covid-19 era, international shoppers expect a more secure experience with reduced social interaction and limited time spent in airports or other refund locations.

Our latest traveller innovation, Mobile Self-Refunding, meets these evolving needs: international travellers can now choose to automatically receive their Tax Free refund via their mobile phone using Global Blue’s Mobile Customer Care (MCC) service. The result is more independence over the refund process for the traveller, and no need to queue at a refund office.

How does it work?

  1. The shopper provides an email address or mobile number to the sales representative when their Tax Free Form is being issued at the store
  2. An email or SMS notification is sent by our Mobile Customer Care (MCC) service to the shopper with instructions on how to choose payment
  3. The shopper selects their preferred payment method – credit/debit card, Alipay or WeChat – within the MCC platform
  4. The traveller follows the usual export validation steps at the airport
  5. Once their transaction is validated, the shopper will receive a notification from MCC that the payment has been automatically made


Mobile Self-Refunding is currently available at MCC-enabled merchants in France, Spain, Korea, Turkey, Portugal, Serbia and Uruguay, with more locations to be announced in the near future.

For any questions, please CONTACT US.