END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

IC2: the new generation of in-store solutions

Discover IC2, Global Blue’s new generation of in-store Tax Free solutions, designed to enhance your Tax Free shopping experience in-store.

IC2 is a complete overhaul of Global Blue’s first generation of online solutions, developed to make merchants’ Tax Free Shopping experience easier, faster and more convenient. IC2 is also available coupled with Mobile Customer Care (MCC), for the ultimate Tax Free Shopping experience. 

Designed for all devices

IC2 is available on several devices including computers, tablets or POS terminals, boosting many expanded features. For merchant partners, these new solutions mean greater flexibility and ensure maximum payment security at the till. To help you save time and resources, the process of updating the system has been streamlined to host the new solution and instant set-up is planned for all devices.

  • IC2 Web and IC2 Desktop

IC2 Web and IC2 Desktop bring numerous new enhancements to Global Blue’s original solutions, including a new, fully responsive user interface, with smarter filtering and search options for sales staff. Staff can also access transaction status history, enabling them to view or amend transactions completed in-store over the last two months. Other enhancements include self-service account management and an in-app help guide for first time users.

  • IC2 Mobile

The new solution for tablets enables a more convenient and portable Tax Free Issuing experience. The IC2 Mobile application, available via the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store, also features the main innovations from IC2 Desktop. The camera included in the tablet enables staff to capture all details from the traveller’s credit card and passport, for a simplified issuing process.

  • IC2 Integra and IC2 Source

Global Blue is also introducing updates to its POS integrated products which still feature the same innovative capabilities as standalone solutions.

- IC2 Integra: deployed directly to merchants’ Windows based POS systems and manages all communication with Global Blue servers.

- IC2 Source: offers the same functionality, but with no additional software residing on the POS, meaning it can be developed on any operating system.

  • IC2 Fusion

This new POS Integrated Solution is PCI compliant and links the payment process with the Tax Free process in-store. In this scheme, the payment and Tax Free Shopping are available via a single credit card swipe, with customers’ details filled-in automatically and securely. From now on, you will be able to offer different refund services, such as Flex refund, Fast Refund via a single credit card swipe.

IC2 Fusion can also be coupled with Global Blue’s Dynamic Currency Conversion solution, enabling travellers to pay with their credit card in their home currency.


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