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Global Blue launches its latest digital innovation: the new SHOP TAX Free app

Global Blue launches new SHOP TAX FREE app with everything frequent Globe Shoppers need to plan, shop and claim Tax Free refunds, in the palm of their hand.

Global Blue today announces the launch of its new SHOP TAX FREE app, designed to provide a seamless and personalised experience for frequent Globe Shoppers at every stage of the Tax Free Shopping journey.
The latest in a series of digital innovations by Global Blue, this differentiating service means merchants can enjoy a higher customer satisfaction level as well as increased revenue thanks to a higher refund completion rate.
Additional marketing opportunities are also provided as the app’s geolocation services can also be used by merchants to promote specific stores once the Globe Shopper is at their destination.

Powerful new features
The app provides several powerful new features to help improve the Tax Free Shopping experience for Globe Shoppers:

Refund Trackerlive refund status and next steps.
Via the app, the phone’s camera scans barcodes, to identify Tax Free Forms and unlock the live refund tracker. This is complemented by contextual alerts, which guide users through the Tax Free process.

Global Blue’s Refund Calculator has also been incorporated, providing live currency updates and automatic home currency conversion.


Advanced mapping technology - driving travellers to stores and refund offices.
The app’s map feature enables Globe Shoppers to look for retailers by city, brand and store name when planning their trip.

Once at destination, Globe Shoppers can use the app to locate the stores using geolocation. For merchants, these geolocation services can be used to promote specific stores or refund offices, providing additional marketing opportunities. Geolocation services also guide users to the nearest Custom and Refund offices.


Digital SHOP TAX FREE Cardfor faster shopping and Tax Free form autofill.
Through the app, the phone’s camera scans passports, enabling one touch enrolment to Global Blue’s SHOP TAX FREE Card.

The digital SHOP TAX FREE Card saves Globe Shoppers time by auto filling Tax Free Forms and can be added to Apple Wallet for easy use.


Country VAT rulestax rules and minimum purchase amounts for shopping destinations.
Minimum purchase amounts and local Tax Free Shopping rules are also accessible through the app, giving users the tools they need to manage their shopping trips.



Improving the Tax Free Shopping journey

The app is targeted at frequent Globe Shoppers (those who have shopped Tax Free with Global Blue over three times during the last 24 months). This group accounts for 8% of our Globe Shoppers, but over 40% of spend over the last 24 months.

This latest digital innovation by Global Blue complements Mobile Customer Care, an innovative service designed to provide real-time support to Globe Shoppers via their smartphones.

The new app in English, Russian and Chinese and available to download now on iOS and Android and can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play Store:

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