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Global Blue extends its VIP lounge network

Global Blue brings its lounges to your VIP customers across Munich, Paris and London

After the success of its lounges in Milan, Rome, Venice and Madrid, Global Blue is extending its European lounge network with the opening of three new lounges in Munich, Paris and London.

This means you can offer more of your VIP customers a premium Tax Free Shopping experience.

Opening ahead of the peak summer shopping season

The three new lounges will be open from Spring to Summer and include:

  • Munich: Opened on April 12 2018, the Munich lounge is located close to the historical townhall and governmental landmarks, in a premier location on Maximilianstraße. The lounge will be open six days a week from 11am to 9pm.
  • Paris: The Parisian lounge will open in June 2018, in the iconic rue Cambon. At only 500 meters from the luxury stores of Place Vendôme and at the junction of the famous shopping street Rue Saint-Honoré, this Parisian-style apartment will be open 6 days a week, from 10am to 7pm.
  • London: Opening its doors during Summer 2018, the London lounge is based in Mayfair, in Albermarle Street. It will be open from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 6.30pm.

A unique interaction with VIP Globe Shoppers

The VIP lounges create a unique environment where brands can connect differently with a specific group of high spending Globe Shoppers, while they are at destination and close to your local stores (transactions refunded in Global Blue lounges have a value 50% higher than the city average).

The lounges offer affiliated merchants measurable and multi-channel marketing opportunities include the sponsorship of a lounge room, making it fully dedicated to a single brand, as well as standard media solutions such as video streaming, interactive digital screens and other product displays.

After targeting and connecting with the VIP Globe Shoppers through these channels, you can measure the impact of your campaigns via Global Blue’s tracking system, which examines new leads, drive-to-store activations and conversions in-store.

Relax, refresh and refund

Situated in the heart of each city’s luxury shopping district, the lounges are accessible only to VIP Globe Shoppers thanks to an invitation they personally receive from affiliated merchants in-store.

Each lounge offers a complimentary Wi-Fi access, a dedicated shopping consultancy and a personalised refund service, enabling Globe Shoppers to optimise their time at the airport and remove the need to queue.

The advance refund services in cash, to credit card or directly into digital wallets, mean Globe Shoppers can also take advantage from increased purchasing power if they decide to continue to shop after they have received their refund in the lounge.

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