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Global Blue acquires ZigZag, a leading ecommerce returns platform

A leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform that enhances the e-commerce returns experience for consumers and streamlines the returns process for retailers across the globe

On March 8 2021, we announced the acquisition of ZigZag, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform that helps retailers easily manage worldwide e-commerce returns and exchanges more profitably, and final customers to enjoy a smoother and enhanced return experience.


ZigZag’s best-in-class technology has served over 12m customers

ZigZag is an exciting, fast-growing new player in the retail technology space. As of December 2020, it had served around 100 merchants through its platform. It had also helped 12 million consumers to connect seamlessly with 450 carriers and 220 warehouses in 130 countries to digitally manage their returns. ZigZag processed more than 8.5 million returns in 2020 versus 1.5 million in 2019. 

Helping you to optimise ecommerce growth

ZigZag’s technology platform fully digitalises the ecommerce returns process for both you and your customers, replacing the paper-based “label in a box” process with an online portal that offers a greater range of options on return method and time, as well as exchange alternatives.

In parallel, it optimises your profitability by reducing logistical costs via optimised traffic routes, aggregated shipping or local market re-sale, and inbound consumer queries, as well as by allowing exchange versus return of goods.

Diversifying and strengthening our offering to you

With ecommerce becoming even more crucial, Global Blue’s acquisition of ZigZag will enable us to diversify and deepen our offering to you, reinforcing our role as a strategic partner that empowers you to capture growth opportunities through omni-channel technology and payment solutions.


To find out more about ZigZag’s returns technology, contact your local sales representative.