END OF TAX FREE SHOPPING IN THE UK. Find out more what this means for merchants and partners.

British tourists can now save up to 19% on post-brexit purchases made in the EU

As the Brexit transition period finished at the end of 2020, residents of England, Wales and Scotland are now eligible for Tax Free Shopping in the EU.

What is Tax Free Shopping and who can apply? 

Tax Free Shopping enables international shoppers to save up to 19% by claiming back the VAT applied to their purchases when they shop abroad.

A variety of goods qualify for VAT refunds, including fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, technology and food and drink items, with many of the best high street retailers and global luxury brands offering Tax Free Shopping services.

Now that the UK has left the EU, British tourists are eligible to shop Tax Free in the EU, provided they:

  • Reside in England, Scotland or Wales, with a proof of residency required
  • Meet the minimum spend criteria of the country in which the purchase is made
  • Export the unused goods outside of the EU within a three-month period


How does Tax Free Shopping work?

There are three easy steps shoppers need to take in order to claim a Tax Free refund:


What support can Brits, newly eligible for Tax Free Shopping, receive?

Leading worldwide Tax Free Shopping provider, Global Blue, has a number of free services to ensure shoppers have the smoothest, easiest and most rewarding Tax Free shopping experience.

These include Mobile Customer Care, a mobile tool that provides realtime, step-by-step support during the Tax Free shopping journey and the Shop Tax Free app, which helps shoppers to track and manage refunds from the palm of their hand.

Finally, the Shop Tax Free Card, makes the process easier by autofilling personal details into the Tax Free Form at participating merchants. Members also benefit from access to exclusive offers with affiliated retailers.

Download the Global Blue APP on iOS and Android through App Store and Google Play Store:

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For more information on how and where to shop Tax Free in the EU, as well as the different requirements of the country(ies) you are visiting, go to: