Marketing services that speak to international shoppers

The market leader in Tax Free Shopping, with more than 35 years’ experience, we have built a valuable network of partners across origin markets and destinations for international shoppers. So we can provide our merchants with effective and innovative marketing communications, ensuring their brand is on shoppers’ itineraries.


Shopping starts when tourists are planning their trip. We have tools to ensure your brand is visible and on shoppers travel plans.


Digital products – Reach the right shopper on the right site
We work with unique programmatic technology allowing us to deliver the right advertising to the right target group. We reach tourists planning their trip in their home country, whatever nationality you want to target.
You can also use direct email to Global Blue members; we have a database of 1,400,000 tourists and can reach the right shopper profiles with targeted messages.

Media consultancy – Find the right channel for your advertising
We are the Tax Free Shopping company with the biggest number of Chinese multi-media third-party partners, so we can target Chinese shoppers at every stage of their journey. As part of our consultancy package:

— We recommend the right media for you
— We manage the process end to end with the third party
— We secure exclusive offers
— Our team in China is able to negotiate bespoke campaigns for you, based on your budget
— We produce the creatives


We multiply the touchpoints at destinations to give you the opportunity to be visible to travellers ‒ and encourage them to visit your store when they are near.


Digital referencing – be easy to find during the shopping trip
We can reference your store and create digital campaigns on our site, on our GB app (downloaded by more than 350,000 users) and on our partner WeChat channel.

Mobile Geotargeting – Drive shoppers directly to your store
Our programmatic technology and special partnerships (with Alipay, WeChat, Dianping) allows us to create geo-localised advertising messages and generate measurable drive-to-store campaigns, appearing on travellers’ phones when they are shopping near your store.

Lounges – be on the VIP list
Exclusive to Global Blue, in the main European cities we have nine lounges for your VIP shoppers.

SHOP magazine – be in the news
We publish more than 50 magazines and 35 maps every year to guide travellers in their shopping decisions in major European cities.

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