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Added-Value Payment Solutions

We partner with acquirers to serve merchants and empower them to propose to International Shoppers smart Payment Solution.

Our Added-Value Payment Solutions portfolio comprises Currency Conversion Solutions and Smart Payment Solutions.

  1. Our Currency Conversion Solutions include Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at points of sale (POS), on e-commerce platforms and ATMs, as well as Multi-Currency Pricing options on e-commerce platforms.
  2. Our Smart Payment Solutions include points of sale and e-commerce Gateways, Tokenisation Solutions and Financial Processing.

Our Currency Conversion Solutions allow international shoppers to choose between making payments in their home currency at the best exchange rate guaranteed, or in the local currency at over 130,000 points of interaction, including shops and ATMs, or when shopping online.

We offer acquirers a full suite of Smart Payment Solutions so they can offer the best consumer payment experience to their merchants.