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5 foods to try in Uruguay

Uruguayan cuisine may not be as well known as that of other South American countries, but that just makes discovering the country’s dishes even more exciting. Here we chart the top traditional Uruguayan foods to try including asado, empanadas and choripán

Katie Ramsingh
City Guide
Katie Ramsingh,

Both the indigenous Charrúa people and those of several European countries influence the cuisine of Uruguay, which features many meaty-heavy dishes. Alongside a large selection of grilled meats, you will also find great snacks including gnocchi and empanadas – both popular foods in Uruguay. In this guide we highlight five of the best dishes that you must try when you’re visiting the country.

Essentially a South American barbecue, asado is the name given to the act of grilling beef over coals. Hosting an asado is a very social event, and the meats are often eaten accompanied by red wine and plenty of laughs.

The most popular fast food dish in Uruguay, choripán is a grilled chorizo sausage served in a crusty bread roll. It is usually eaten with chimichurri sauce, which in Uruguayan cuisine is made with parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes and oregano.

Traditionally gnocchi is eaten on 29th day of each month. This was usually the last before payday, so people were at their poorest and the dish was relatively cheap to make. It is a custom for people to leave money under their plate to bring prosperity.

These small pies come with a variety of fillings and are eaten throughout Latin America and Spain. The doughy delights are traditionally stuffed with cheese and meats; you’ll be served these as a snack at parties or as a starter in a restaurant.

Russian salad
This Russian dish has crossed the continents thanks to Eastern European immigrants and is now a staple in several countries. In Uruguay it is made using only potatoes, carrots, peas and mayonnaise, keeping the recipe simple yet tasty.



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