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Tiffany & Co debuts the new Tiffany Enchant collection


by Jenny Desborough


Tiffany has launched its new collection: Tiffany Enchant, available in store from September. Inspired by the designs of 19th-century wrought-iron gates, the ornate swirling patterns show off the brand’s signature jewels and diamonds in both platinum and rose gold settings to perfection. Among the pieces is a key pendant encrusted with diamonds and accented by a vivid tanzanite dragonfly; there is also an elegant platinum and diamond bangle with rose gold flowers. Tiffany Enchant also includes custom-made rings of white and rare Tiffany yellow diamonds, adding an extra dash of luxury to the dazzling collection.

Tiffany & Co, 25 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4QB, +44 (0)20 7409 2790


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