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Chanel Blue serum for youthful looking skin

Chanel introduces a new serum, inspired by the healthy-eating and fitness-focused women of today.  Chanel Blue serum features three active ingredients with skin-renewal properties to combat early signs of ageing, and for smooth and supple skin


by Marina Nelson

Chanel Blue Serum

Chanel Blue serum

Chanel Blue serum is the latest skincare innovation from the French brand. The new super boosting serum is the ultimate modern antidote for busy lifestyles. Aimed at combating early signs of ageing, and catering for those conscious of their skin from the inside out, the new daily moisturising treatment gives the skin a more youthful and healthier look. It has three key ingredients designed to restore the body’s natural harmony: anti-inflammatory green coffee from Costa Rica, skin-fortifying Sardinian olives and regenerative Greek mastic all provide essential nourishment for the skin day after day.

Chanel Blue serum, 30ml, £81

Chanel, The Market, The Piazza, London WC2E 8RF, +44 (0)20 7240 2001


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