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British Royal Warrant brands you didn’t know about

British Royal Warrants, which are awarded to businesses that supply goods and services to the British royal family, are not just held by the obvious brands. We take a look at 20 of the lesser-known warrant holders, which supply Britain’s most famous family with everything from chocolates to condiments

Hannah Lewis / © Katie Wilson-Ells
Hannah Lewis,

British Royal Warrants are granted to companies or tradespeople that supply goods and services to the British royal family. Currently, a Royal Warrant can only be bestowed by three members of the royal family: Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. Companies must apply for the warrant themselves and can only do so once they have been supplying the household of one of these three royals for five years or more out of seven.

The prestigious award is highly coveted and many of the brands that hold them proudly advertise the fact. But while you might recognise the likes of Burberry and Ede & Ravenscroft as Royal Warrant holders, the names of many other firms that also hold the title might just surprise you.

Our list of the most noteworthy lesser-known Royal Warrant brands aims to give a little insight into the everyday lives of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. From porridge oats to pasta, biscuits to beauty products, all of these brands have received the royal seal of approval. We might never get an invitation to Buckingham Palace, but a glance through this list shows we can at least join the Queen and her family in certain things, even if it is just drinking the same cup of tea.

1. Carluccio’s
You may already have heard of Carluccio’s, a highly successful chain of restaurants and specialist food stores with locations all over the UK. Founded in 1991 by the late Antonio Carluccio, a charismatic chef and food writer, the company is known for its authentic Italian produce and dishes. Prince Charles is also a fan and Carluccio’s holds a warrant as supplier of fine Italian food and truffles.

2. Boots
As the leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer in the UK, it’s perhaps no surprise that Queen Elizabeth II grants Boots her custom. Though the company won’t share the secrets of exactly which healthy and beauty products Her Majesty partakes of, you can nonetheless shop at Boots, happy in the knowledge that you have one thing in common with the British sovereign.

3. Cadbury
Cadbury is perhaps the most famous confectioner in the UK. Producing cocoa products on a commercial scale since 1831, the brand received its first Royal Warrant in 1854 and has held one from Queen Elizabeth II since 1955. After all, even the Queen needs a little chocolate now and then.

4. Nestlé
Around 97% of British households are believed to consume Nestlé products, which include many of the nation’s favourite labels: KitKat, Rowntree’s, Shredded Wheat – the list goes on and on. Nestlé is one of the world’s biggest producers of food and drink so it’s no surprise that some of its products have made their way to Buckingham Palace.

5. Clarins
Esteemed beauty specialist Clarins is known for its eco-friendly values and highly effective plant-based products for face and body. The award-winning brand holds a Royal Warrant for supplying skincare and cosmetics to Queen Elizabeth II.

6. Heinz
Specialising in soups, sauces and tinned foods, Heinz is one of the most ubiquitous food makers in the whole of the UK. Rare is the household that doesn’t have – at any given time – at least one product from Heinz in its cupboards. It’s rumoured that the company’s Royal Warrant was bestowed by the Queen because she is a fan of its famous condiments, and HP Sauce in particular.

7. Jaguar Land Rover
The British royals are known for their love of the outdoors and can often be found enjoying the grounds of their country estates. A 4×4 comes in handy at such times and the family favours British make Jaguar Land Rover which – as you may have guessed from the name – produces not only Land Rovers but also Jaguar automobiles, the latter of which is also favoured by Britain’s first family. In fact, the firm holds all three available Royal Warrants from the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

8. Lyle & Scott
Scottish knitwear specialist Lyle & Scott dates back to 1874 and its history is steeped in craftsmanship and excellence. Although it has expanded to offer all manner of menswear, knitwear remains at the core of the business and it is for this reason that His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh honours Lyle & Scott with his custom.

9. Moët & Chandon
It will come as no surprise that champagne – among the most famous luxury beverages in the world – is frequently consumed at royal events and a number of champagne makers hold British Royal Warrants, including celebrated brand Moët & Chandon. What better way to toast an occasion than with a bottle of bubbly approved by the Queen? We’ll be sharing a bottle or two come the royal wedding in May.

10. Schweppes
Schweppes was one of the first companies to produce carbonated water on a commercial scale so you can feel safe in your choice of this brand as a supplier of fizzy beverages. The Queen certainly does and Schweppes is one of her preferred purveyors of soft drinks. It makes a particularly good tonic, which goes perfectly with a choice British gin.

11. Walkers Shortbread
Scottish shortbread is a simple yet delicious delicacy and family company Walkers offers some of the very best. It is made using traditional methods and only the finest ingredients, and the Queen is a fan of the shortbread biscuits and delicious oatcakes. 

12. The Ritz
The famous Ritz hotel in London has held a Royal Warrant for supplying banqueting and catering services to The Prince of Wales since 2002. It is the first (and only) hotel to have received the award. While you may not be able to employ the very same services yourself, you can nonetheless stay or dine at the stunning hotel and sample food deemed fine enough for Prince Charles to serve to his distinguished guests.

13. Twinings
British tea specialist Twinings supplies tea and coffee to the households of both Queen Elizabeth II and her son, the Prince of Wales. Established over three centuries ago, in 1706, Twinings has always had one simple goal: to buy, blend and sell really excellent teas. To this day, the brand’s experts source and blend the finest teas from all over the world.

14. Waitrose
High-end supermarket Waitrose has a reputation in the UK for being upmarket, so it might not surprise you to learn that it holds Royal Warrants as a grocer and wine and spirit merchant to both the Queen and the Prince of Wales – with more than 330 shops across the UK, it couldn’t be easier to follow in their footsteps.

15. Weetabix
It’s easy to forget that, in many ways, members of the royal family are just like everyone else. They too eat breakfast and, considering Weetabix holds a Royal Warrant for supplying the Queen with breakfast cereals, it’s likely that her first meal of the day is not that different than in many UK households. Weetabix’s most famous eponymous cereal is a national favourite and exported to over 80 countries across the world.

16. Quaker Oats
As well as Weetabix, it seems that porridge is on the breakfast menu at Buckingham Palace as Quaker Oats holds a Royal Warrant from the Queen. The brand has been selling high-quality wholegrain oats for over a century, flying the flag for this traditional and hearty breakfast option, and clearly the royals are impressed. You’ll never look at your porridge the same way again.

17. Coca-Cola
Of course, almost everyone in the world has heard of Coca-Cola, the world’s leading maker, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages. The last time you sipped on a Diet Coke, however, you probably didn’t realise that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gives her custom to the same soft drinks manufacturer.

18. Elizabeth Arden
Prestigious beauty brand Elizabeth Arden is known for its award-winning skincare products and, in particular, its Eight Hour Cream range, which is one of the most recommended beauty buys ever. Though we can’t be certain it’s this product in particular that won the brand its Royal Warrant, we do like to think of the Queen incorporating it into her skincare routine.

19. Floris
British heritage brand Floris holds two Royal Warrants, supplying perfume to Her Majesty The Queen and toilet preparations to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Floris is one of London’s most famous fragrance makers and has two core collections: the classic range comprises scents created before 1990, while the contemporary fragrances encompasses all those made after that. Visit the London flagship to follow in the Queen’s footsteps (figuratively) and find your perfect fragrance. 

20. Pimm’s
The classic gin and tonic may be the drink of the moment in the UK, but it’s another cocktail that gets Queen Elizabeth II’s seal of approval: Pimm’s. Made from a secret mix of gin infused with botanicals, caramelised orange and spices, Pimm’s liqueur is a favourite at summer parties, mixed with lemonade, fruit, cucumber and mint, and served over ice. Share a pitcher with friends in London this summer and revel in the knowledge that the Queen herself may be doing the very same thing.



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