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An interview with Barrecore CEO Peter Woods

Barrecore chief executive Peter Woods talks exclusively to Global Blue’s fitness fanatic Kirsty Welsh. She finds out everything you need to know about the UK’s hottest fitness class brand, from celebrity fans to a new Wandsworth studio opening in July and what makes Barrecore unique

Kirsty Welsh
Kirsty Welsh,

How did you get into the fitness industry?

I have worked in the leisure and fitness industry in both the UK and Europe since graduating. Prior to joining the Barrecore team last year, I identified very quickly that Barrecore is a fantastic brand which has a dedicated and loyal community and occupies a significant space in the boutique fitness sector. With such an excellent and unique brand, it was evident that Barrecore had very strong growth potential. The opportunity to join as chief executive at the early stages of the company’s evolution was very exciting.

What makes Barrecore unique?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our classes and the expertise of our instructors. We deliver exceptional instruction and personal attention in a class setting. All our instructors are selected through a rigorous interview process and then trained in-house by our dedicated instructor trainers. Every Barrecore instructor has to complete a minimum of 200 hours of training before being ready and signed off to deliver a Barrecore class to our clients. We are very committed to maintaining this level of quality instruction as it enables our clients to get the best results from their exercise.

We believe that our studios are special places, not just for the lasting effects that Barrecore delivers, but for the atmosphere and environment we create.

Barrecore offers a workout that uses your own bodyweight as resistance. Our classes are designed to work your entire body, creating longer, toned muscles, reducing body fat and improving posture and alignment. Focusing on tiny isometric movements and the integration of high-intensity, low-impact moves with static stretches, every major muscle group is given an effective workout to increase strength and flexibility while also creating lasting change in the body.

Any celebrity fans?

We have a fantastic portfolio of high-profile celebrity fans such as Rita Ora, Jourdan Dunn, Poppy Delevingne and Emma Stone, to name a few.

Your 11th studio in the UK is the new Moorgate location in the heart of the City that was opened in collaboration with Digme Fitness. How did you team up with Digme?

I met Geoff Bamber [chief executive of Digme Fitness] at Digme’s Richmond studio and we discussed growth plans. It became evident very quickly that both Barrecore and Digme shared many of the same values and that we both had similar plans for growth, with overlapping target locations. We progressed to discuss the possibility of sharing space and very quickly the wonderful location in Moorgate came up.

Was there a demand for a City of London location?

The City of London is an ideal location for Barrecore. With the introduction of our Signature Express class at the beginning of the year, which targets time-starved professionals and provides the perfect solution to the problem of exercising during a 9-5 working day, opening the studio in Moorgate made so much sense.

Any new studios in the pipeline?

Yes. We are going to open another three or four studios this year and a similar number of studios again next year.

What is the most popular Barrecore class?

Signature Express is proving to be a big hit, but without doubt our Signature class is a great workout and the most popular. It is the class that Barrecore is renowned for ‒ the name says it all really.

Why should we all be going to Barrecore?

Barrecore is fun, it provides a quality workout, it allows clients to achieve the famous strong and lean ‘barre body’ and it also brings about a sense of health and wellbeing that is unique to the practice.

What attractions would you recommend for visitors to London?

As a London resident it is so easy to take the amazing sights of the city for granted. I would recommend all the obvious hotspots as well as taking advantage of the wonderful museums and galleries that London has to offer. I would also recommend travelling out a little bit further to visit places such as Kew Gardens and Hampton Court. 

What’s next for Barrecore?

Our studio expansion plans are keeping us busy, but we also have some exciting new barre classes in development. We continue to strive to deliver the highest quality barre classes for our customers, so an ongoing focus on teacher development is always a priority for us.



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