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10 questions with Lise Aagaard

Lise Aagaard has been designing jewellery for Trollbeads, one of Denmark’s most famous brands, for over 40 years. Here we ask the businesswoman 10 questions, covering everything from working for a family business to the history of troll folklore

Katie Ramsingh
Katie Ramsingh,

Lise Aagaard, one of the world’s top charm bracelet designers, creates unique beads for her family business Trollbeads. Heavily influenced by her Danish heritage and her family’s jewellery legacy, her pieces are both modern and timeless, appealing to all generations. The latest Trollbeads collection still features beads that pay homage to troll folklore, and we spoke to the company’s founder to find out more.

Why did you start Trollbeads?
I come from a family of jewellers. My father created – with great passion – traditional charms that were popular in the 1960s. I think we were all born with his passion. He was our inspiration. The first bead was actually created by my brother, Søren Nielsen, before there was an actual charm concept. My desire to create and the demand from customers set it all in motion.

Why do you think Trollbeads has been so popular for so long?
On an emotional level, I believe we tap into a human desire to collect what is beautiful and valuable in our individual lives.

On a business level, we stay true to our core values. Innovation, creativity, good design and high quality have always been the drivers for us, always with a gleam in the eye, added to the fact that Trollbeads is for everyone, however individual.

I also think that a part of our success is that we have so many people contributing to the collection – there is always something new to explore!

Why are people so drawn to charm bracelets?
The desire to tell your story, to keep memories close to heart, and the need to look good is timeless; therefore we keep attracting new customers to our jewellery.

When a new customer creates her first bracelet, we often hear that she is surprised by quite how much she enjoys her jewellery and continues to grow her collection. To most, there is no such thing as a complete collection of Trollbeads, because with tomorrow comes new experiences and stories, and every story has a bead.

What is your most treasured jewellery piece?
My Trollbeads J bracelet.

Where do you find inspiration?
I can honestly say that I can pick up inspiration from everywhere. My inspiration comes from things that excite me a lot, like nature, cultural diversity, spirituality or the small details from everyday life.

Who would you like to see wearing your jewellery?
Women (and men) who dare to show who they are; who live their life to the fullest, with its ups and downs; who like to move others and be moved themselves. Those who appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and love that we put into every little bead.

What is your favourite thing about troll folklore?
In my country’s history, it’s told that trolls live close to the forests and the lakes. Trolls are part of our nature; they can help you or play tricks on you, but in a mind-opening and goodhearted way. In my own family, beloved children who were not always perfectly behaved were referred to lovingly as ‘little trolls’.

Where do you go to relax?
I would like to say ‘into my mind’ but, honestly, that is not always a quiet place to be. More realistically I enjoy my home in the countryside. I like it when we enjoy the simpler things in life – preferably with family or friends.

Where are your favourite spots in London?
I like to go to the small streets with multicultural experiences. I enjoy the scent of street food. I also enjoy the many bookshops, arts and markets in the Notting Hill area.

What is your favourite place in Copenhagen?
The Trollbeads headquarters … of course!



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