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10 questions with Elina Bergert

Feminism, Scandi style and London cool: we caught up with the brains behind Phine to find out more …

Sufiyeh Hadian-Clarke
Sufiyeh Hadian-Clarke,

Phine is a London-based jewellery brand which creates Swedish-inspired statement pieces that are both fun and empowering. Designer Elina Bergert was born in Stockholm, and her label grew out of her childhood hobby. We caught up with her to find out how her youthful obsession turned into a dream career.

How did you find your calling for jewellery-making?
My father taught me how to make simple jewellery from leftover gold from his dentistry practice, and it became my childhood hobby. Later, when I was working as a lawyer and didn’t get the promotion I had worked so hard for, I decided to follow my dreams and start again with jewellery.

With Christmas looming, which are your best-selling pieces?
Our new Feminist earrings paired with the square Hoops are proving very popular, as is the Feminist necklace.

What do you take inspiration from?
I love geometric forms and take a lot of ideas from them. I love watching people and seeing all of their different styles. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from all the stylish people here in London, but I also find inspiration in our political awakening.

How do you merge Scandi style with a London aesthetic?
The Scandi style is very minimalist and fits with everything. So I usually start with having an idea that is very simple, but then I try to evolve the design and come up with a way of making it more of a London statement, usually by taking it a bit bolder and bigger.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love that I am my own boss and able to do what I love most. Jewellery for me totally changes an outfit and makes a statement in its own right – you can play around so much with it, it’s just such a personal thing.

What’s your favourite piece from your collection?
That’s difficult – I love all the pieces. If I had to say which three items I wear the most, it would be the Oval Spike hoops, the Feminist necklace and the Kolye choker.

Where are your favourite places to shop in London?
Definitely east London, mostly Shoreditch and then all the way up to Dalston. You find a lot of hidden gems there.

What do you like most about the city?
The diversity and that all the areas are so different from each other – every area feels very different from the one before.

Who is the ultimate Phine woman?
She is strong and independent and knows what she wants in her style and in her attitude.

How do you champion feminism within your designs?
These days it’s okay and even often encouraged for women to speak up for ourselves, but it still takes a lot of strength. My pieces embody strength, fierceness and sassiness. I believe that my jewellery makes you feel more empowered just by wearing it.




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