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The best chocolate in Switzerland

Swiss chocolate is famous aross the world, with good reason. The nation has a long history of excellence in the field, and many of today’s chocolatiers still use traditional recipes and make every sweet treat by hand. Our selection of the best places to eat chocolate in Switzerland is for real chocolate lovers: you won’t find anything here but the best

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Hannah Lewis,

Switzerland has played an important part in the history of chocolate as we know it today. In 1875, Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter was the first to add powdered milk to solid chocolate, creating the now ubiquitous milk chocolate and – frankly – revolutionising the industry. Four years later, in 1879, Rodolphe Lindt created the conche, a mixer that is still one of the key tools in chocolate making to this day. Without these Swiss pioneers, we might never have discovered the exquisite pleasure that comes with sinking your teeth into a beautifully made truffle or chocolate bar.

Today Switzerland is famous for its cocoa creations. Its leading chocolatiers are revered across the world for the delicious sweet treats they produce. From historic purveyors to modern masters, our selection of some of the best chocolate creators in Switzerland is underlined by a guarantee of great service, consistently beautiful presentation and, above all else, fantastic tasting chocolate that will have you coming back for more.

Max Chocolatier
Named after the founder’s son, who loves chocolate just as much as his father and grandfather always have, Max Chocolatier is the youngest establishment on our list. It has forged a strong reputation for excellence since it started in 2009. The König family scours the world for the best raw ingredients, which are then transported to the Max factory in Lucerne, where diligent research and hard work result in some of the most delicious chocolates you could hope to taste. The team wants its clients to feel that they’re tasting chocolate for the first time, so even the smallest bite of Max’s chocolate is enticing. Look out for seasonal truffles, such as chestnut in autumn and caramel and pink pepper in winter.

Max Chocolatier, Schweizerhofquai 2, 6004 Lucerne, +41 (0)41 418 7090



Sprüngli started making luxurious chocolates in 1836 and opened its current flagship – on the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz in Zürich – in 1859. It was one of the first great Swiss chocolatiers and helped establish the nation’s reputation for excellence in the field. For more than 180 years the masters at Sprüngli have handmade pralines, truffles and more, freshly produced each day using recipes passed down through generations. Only the finest ingredients are selected, and no chocolate will ever contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Choose from the wide range of classic and newly devised chocolates and enjoy with a delicious cup of coffee at the adjoining café.

Sprüngli, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zürich, +41 (0)44 224 4646



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As a leading supplier of catering companies and confectioners around the world, Läderach is used to clients with exacting standards. The same stringent quality control is applied to every piece of chocolatey goodness it sells in its boutiques. The company is famous for its blocks of frischschokolade – fresh chocolate – which come loaded with delicious additions, from nuts or dried fruits to honeycomb and even peppercorns. We also love the chocolate-coated mini mousses – fluffy egg white foam on a crispy waffle, covered in rich Swiss chocolate. Läderach offers beautiful selections to take away as gifts and souvenirs. The only problem is trying not to eat them all yourself.

Läderach, Via Serlas 26, 7500 St Moritz, +41 (0)81 833 5726


Du Rhône Chocolatier

Du Rhône Chocolatier
The first Du Rhône opened in 1875 and took its name from the emblematic rue du Rhône on which it stood; the company’s main public space is now spacious boutique on rue de la Confédération. The team is led by master chocolatier Jean-Pascal Sérignat and it makes world-class confections using traditional Swiss methods. Only top-quality cocoa beans from South America and west Africa are used, with no additives or preservatives. Du Rhône is famous for three chocolates in particular, each of which is an award-winning ganache. Coline consists of 70% dark chocolate with beans from Brazil and Papua New Guinea; Imperial is flavoured with Earl Grey and unsmoked China tea; and Mocca Glacé, featuring delicious mocca notes, is made to a recipe kept secret for more than a century. Our recommendation? Try all three.

Du Rhône Chocolatier, 3 rue de la Confédération, 1211 Geneva, +41 (0)22 311 5614


Auer Chocolatier

Auer Chocolatier
The Auer family has been making chocolates for five generations, so it’s no surprise that the goods on offer at its Geneva boutique are some of the best in the city. There is a wide variety of flavours and styles here, whether you’re looking for something mild, sweet and smooth or craving serious cocoa content. The pralines are a standout and the truffles completely divine. Be assured that every chocolate here is handmade. With more than 50 different varieties on offer, a selection box is a necessity. There are a number of different sizes, so make sure yours has some of the classics: truffles, pralines and ganaches.

Auer Chocolatier, 4 rue de Rive, 1204 Geneva, +41 (0)22 311 4286



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