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Regina Bürli: My Zürich

Regina Bürli is the designer behind the Ana Blum leather goods label. Her bags and belts combine glamour with casual elegance

City Guide

by Paulina Szmydke

Regina Bürli
Regina Bürli

Where were you born?
In the Swiss countryside.

Where do you live?
In a very green area of Zürich, in the first high-rise to be built in the 60s, with a great view over the city.

What’s best about your neighbourhood?
It is a place where generations and different cultures come together.

If money was no object where would you live?
In the same place I do now, but I would also have an apartment in Paris; I adore Paris.

What’s your favourite Zürich street?
The Gemüsebrücke, where you can really enjoy a great view.

Do you have a favourite Zürich café?
I enjoy a nice breakfast at the Terrasse café-restaurant on Limmatquai.

Where do you go for a drink with friends?
It depends on my mood. The Bodega on Münstergasse is a very lively, traditional place. The Kronenhalle bar on Rämistrasse is a classic, stylish bar with furniture by Diego Giacometti and a lot of great original paintings on the walls. This is where you can enjoy the best whisky sour.

Which Swiss dishes should visitors try?
I love hackbraten with kartoffelstock (meatloaf with mashed potato), cheese fondue or venison dishes in the autumn.

Which landmarks sum up Zürich for you?
My heart starts beating faster whenever I’m at the Bürkliplatz and I see the lake of Zürich in front of me with the most beautiful view over the mountains.

Where do you take out-of-town friends?
To Lucerne and, for lunch or dinner, to the Restaurant Helvetia or the Hotel National.

Which do you think is Zürich’s best museum?
The Kunsthaus.

Which Swiss person do you most admire?
Nicolas Hayek; he was a great business man and he always kept his sense of humour.

Which are your favourite clothes and accessories stores
Fidelio, Grieder, Bufalini and the Apartment Store on Löwenstrasse.

Can you recommend a good hotel in Zürich?
Hotel Baur au Lac, with its great garden; and Hotel Florhof is a charming small hotel very close to the old town.

Any advice for those visiting your city?
Just enjoy it and you’ll find everything you are looking for

Any places you’d recommend visitors avoid?
Zürich is such a safe place, there is nothing to avoid.

Tell us a secret.
Try a hot chocolate from Sprüngli and a Weleda Wildrosen body lotion.


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