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In store at Ramón Monegal in Barcelona

Master perfumer and ‘nose’ Ramón Monegal, whose great-grandfather founded Barcelona perfumery Myrurgia, creates artisanal scents under his own name. Here he takes us on a tour of his Barcelona boutique

Ximena Daneri
Ximena Daneri ,

‘We opened the store in 2009, and we are very happy about how everything is going. Our customers are normally in search of fine perfume, and we have many clients who come to our store because they have found us online.

‘We are not in downtown Barcelona, but in one of the smartest areas, where you find the flagships of Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Armani and Hermès – which is why I chose it.

‘The store itself is tranquil and full of the finest woods, allowing you to be completely focused on perfume as an art.

‘Our knowledgeable manager will show you and teach you about the fragrances. There is a small area where you can see, touch and smell lots of raw ingredients and learn about how they become a perfume. There’s also a space where I have interviews with those customers interested in a bespoke creation. 

‘The range consists of personal fragrances – 14 main ones and a further 12 available only in store – along with home fragrances, incense sticks and candles.

‘This store is a dream come true. I spent more than 35 years in laboratories producing scents for many successful brands, and I was never free to create what I wanted. When I left the mass market in 2007 and became independent, I wanted to do what I never could before: choose, buy and use the rarest and finest raw materials from all over the world, make the fragrances that I wanted, and offer them directly to customers, teaching but also learning from them without being hindered by a marketing department. This is what I wanted – and this is what I now have. Every customer is a new world and an enriching new experience for me.’

Ramón Monegal, Carrer de Calvet 3, 08021 Barcelona, +34 93 200 1120



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