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10 questions with Emily Quak from Emily’s Anthology

Beauty blogger Emily Quak has recently returned to Malaysia after spending seven years studying law in Melbourne. Her blog, Emily’s Anthology, focuses on her love of beauty but also includes posts on fashion and insights into her day-to-day life in Kuala Lumpur, while her YouTube channel currently has more than 55,000 subscribers. Global Blue talks exclusively to Emily about her beauty essentials, favourite foods and Malaysia’s signature style

Verity Hogan
City Guide
Verity Hogan,

How did you first get into blogging?
It was the ‘in’ thing when I was in college – everyone had a blog back then. For me, it started as a place where I could record the goings-on of my college life, and then it evolved when I went to university to become a place where I could share my passion for beauty with the rest of the world.

Who are your biggest beauty inspirations?
A whole host of YouTubers. I follow so many people on YouTube who I find creative or just plain fun, and they inspire me to film new videos and try new make-up looks all the time.

Which beauty products couldn’t you live without?
Eyeliners and eyebrow pencils are an absolute must for me – I can’t go out without my brows! I also love concealers – they’re lifesavers, I can tell you – and highlighters.

Which three items are currently at the top of your wish list?
Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks; a backup of my beloved Tom Ford Blush Nude Lip Colour lipstick, and TheBalm’s Balmsai eyeshadow palette.

What is your signature beauty look?
Most definitely it’s smoky eyes and nude lips – I love a good smoky eye.

You lived in Melbourne for several years. How does Australian style differ from Malaysian fashion and beauty?
Australian style is very laid back but in a put-together kind of way – the cuts and style of their clothing are always very flattering. Australians spend a lot of time and money on day-to-day upkeep, from getting tans to wearing dark, smoky eyes and lots of foundation and bronzer in the daytime. In Malaysia, fashion is very up-to-date but muted – they rarely take risks but know what’s in trend and follow that closely. Beauty is not very big in Malaysia. People buy the make-up – Sephora is doing really well – but I hardly ever see them wearing it. I’m hoping to change that with my little blog and channel!

What’s the best thing about living in Malaysia?
The food and the culture. Everyone is so friendly despite our vast differences in race and culture, and this mix also impacts on the food. If you do visit Malaysia, I recommend trying nasi lemak, a coconut-infused rice with a chilli paste that is out of this world; kway teow, the lesser-known Chinese version of pad thai; bah kut, the pork bone soup served with rice – it tastes much better than it sounds; and Malay and Chinese pastries that you can get from little stalls by the side of the road. The memory of the food will stay with you long after you leave.

Do you have a favourite café, restaurant or bar in Malaysia?
I do love a pretty café! At the moment, my favourite is a place called Yeast in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. I’m a huge fan of Thai food, too, and I’m obsessed with a restaurant aptly named Thai Thai in the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex.

Where do you like to shop in Malaysia?
I love Sunway Pyramid because it’s near to where I live and has a lot of the major stores so I hardly need to go anywhere else. When I do go further, Pavilion and Suria KLCC, both malls in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, are fantastic because they carry everything from luxury to high-street brands – everything you need you’ll find there.

Which three places in Malaysia do you think everyone should visit?
Petronas Towers was once the world’s tallest building and is home to a fabulous shopping complex [Suria KLCC], and it’s also where you can get the best waffles. Bangsar has a fantastic, laid-back café and boutique culture that’s unlike any other in Kuala Lumpur, and Pulau Redang is home to some beautiful beaches with waters that are just as crystal clear as the ones in Thailand or Indonesia – and maybe even better!




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