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Jill Sanders Store

Jil Sander Milan

Via Pietro Verri 6, 20121 Milan
Tel: +39 02 777 2991

Fashion is a reflection of its times. It is a logical consequence, on the one hand, of material and technical research,  and, on the other hand, of a translation of the zeitgeist and its possibilities. Streamlined beauty, clear structures, reduction to the essential and free movement are my principles. The functional rationality is only the backbone to my work. Although I rely on workmanship, sensible cuts and state-of-the-art execution. I always look for contemporary forms of sophistication and a sensual simplicity. I want fashion to be liberating, keeping in mind the third dimension, working sculpturally, and making sure that the body in movement feels and looks at ease. This means purity to me. I am positive as to the continuous rise of Jil Sander on the global market. I have always been interested in the dignity of the individual, and globally, we seem to be in want of a common sartorial language—a shared code for mutual respect.