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Exclusive interview with the head of Agresti luxury security solutions

Agresti fuses style and functionality to present innovative storage solutions that radiate luxury. From handcrafted armoires to state-of-the-art strong rooms, Agresti helps you keep your valuables – and your loved ones – safe without compromising on style. CEO Paolo Agresti tells us about the brand’s unique concept

Hannah Lewis / © Katie Wilson-Ells
Hannah Lewis,

We all want to keep our valuables safe, but when it comes to ensuring their utmost security, aesthetics can often be an afterthought. Not so with Agresti, a brand that fuses the latest tools and technology in the world of security with the finest Italian materials and craftsmanship to present safe storage options as beautiful as any interior design object.

'Over the years we have developed the concept of luxurious storage for jewellery and watches. Undoubtedly, what makes us truly unique worldwide is our precious wood armoires with safes inside - a beautiful mix of aesthetics and functionality' - CEO Paolo Agresti

‘Agresti is a family business started in 1949 by my parents,’ explains CEO Paolo Agresti, who runs the company today alongside his wife, Francesca Vanni. Agresti’s parents, Osvaldo and Pia, had been employed in a leather goods factory, but were possessed of an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, and soon began work on their own business. ‘They were both highly motivated,’ says Paolo Agresti of his parents. That motivation led to rapid success. In the beginning, the Agrestis focused on calf split leather boxes with gold trimmings, a traditional Florentine design. Just a few months after the company’s inception, the couple was able to rent a workshop in the heart of Florence, and hire the first staff members.

The business grew quickly, and when the flood of 1966 destroyed its premises, a new factory was built just outside the city to accommodate the firm’s expanding production needs. Agresti’s output has grown and changed over the years, but the company’s home remains in Scandicci on the outskirts of Florence. ‘We manufacture everything in Florence, under one roof,’ says Paolo Agresti, who joined the family business in 1980.

The ethos of Agresti has never changed and its focus on fine Florentine craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics has carried it through almost seven decades. But Agresti’s product range has evolved and expanded far beyond those first leather boxes.


Armoires are custom-made to suit the needs of each client, meaning every item of value – whether personal or monetary – can have its own special place

Today, Agresti’s flagship products are far more innovative: ultramodern, ultraluxurious safe storage solutions that balance form and function. ‘Over the years we have developed the concept of luxurious storage for jewellery and watches,’ explains Paolo Agresti. ‘Undoubtedly, what makes us truly unique worldwide is our precious wood armoires with safes inside – a beautiful mix of aesthetics and functionality.’

Agresti has a discerning client base; sophisticated customers who wish to ensure the security of their valuables but who don’t want to compromise on style. Agresti armoires are beautiful design pieces in their own right, handmade by Florentine craftsmen from luxurious woods and leathers with 24-carat gold hardware. Inside, biometric safes open to reveal a variety of trays, drawers and compartments designed to house watches, jewellery, pens and more in perfect security. And each can be customised to clients’ exact needs. ‘We have a full catalogue of available items, but more and more of the most expensive cabinets are required partially or completely modified,’ notes Paolo Agresti. These customisation options include integral Swiss-made watch winders, safes opened by remote control, interactive screens linked to silent alarms and, most recently, strong rooms and panic rooms. Secret compartments for the most precious of valuables are also available.


Agresti has flagship stores in Milan, London and Moscow (pictured), and consults with clients anywhere in the world

The strong rooms and panic rooms display the amazing extent of Agresti’s creative vision. Made to your exact specifications and assembled wherever you are in the world by the brand’s experts, the rooms are fully air conditioned, and contain bespoke storage solutions for all your valuables, as well as everything you could need to keep you comfortable while you await assistance, from entertainment options to fully stocked fridges.

If you’re interested in commissioning one of Agresti’s amazing creations, the brand has flagship stores in Milan, London and Moscow, and a further store is set to open soon in a key location in China. There are also corners and shop-in-shops in various locations across the world. The brand works directly with architects and interior designers, meaning you can seamlessly incorporate Agresti’s armoires and more into any new project you may be working on. Perhaps one of Paolo Agresti’s most exciting commissions will inspire your own. ‘We worked on large polished ebony custom-made cabinets with two safes each, one of which featured bullet-proof glass,’ he says. These cases were lined to house watches and jewellery and protected by fingerprint recognition. With 10 of these cabinets made for a secret room for a single Chinese client, it’s no wonder Paolo Agresti found the project memorable.


Clients can commission a completely bespoke strong or panic room from Agresti, which can be assembled by experts wherever they are

Whatever you’re looking to look after, Agresti has the solution. Be sure to pay a visit to the Agresti flagship during your time in Milan to discover one of Italy’s most niche and luxurious brands.



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