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Alessandra Modarelli: My Milan

Alessandra Modarelli is a Milan-based fashion designer, artisan and consultant and a good example of the ‘alternative Milanese’: young people who love to hang out with friends and know how to discover the hidden gems the city has to offer

City Guide

by Claretta Fran

Alessandra Modarelli

Alessandra Modarelli

Where do you live?
In the south-western part of the city, close to Via Savona.

Which is your favourite Milan neighbourhood?
I really love the whole area around Porta Genova, because it’s still very Milanese, full of little shops, bars and restaurants, you can find great things there. I also love the Via Bligny area where the Bocconi University is, and Chinatown.

Which are your favourite Milan stores?
Carla Saibene on Via San Maurilio, Particelle Complementari on Via Pollaiuolo and the Sunday Elita vintage markets which take place once a month at the Parenti theatre.

And your favourite restaurants?
I love Ciriboga on Via Savona; the food is special and I like the plants that fill up the space. Poporoya on Via Eustachi is the first real sushi bar in Milan. At the Arci Bellezza on Via Bellezza you can eat outside in the garden in summer. It’s a very simple place but the atmosphere is unique.

Can you recommend any local dishes to try?
Risotto with ossobuco, of course! You cannot find it that easily in other cities.

Do you have a favourite local café or bar?
Frida on Via Pollaiuolo for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They have a great garden there. I also like Pravda, a little vodka bar on Via Vittadini.

Do you have a favourite Milan walk?
The little streets behind Via Torino until you reach Corso Magenta are beautiful. Or Isola, on Saturday mornings, during the flea market.

How do you like to travel around Milan?
Unfortunately I often have to take my car, but when I have time, I walk.

Which is Milan’s best attraction?
Its pastry shops. Heaven!

Is there anything you’d recommend visitors avoid?
Eating at the touristic restaurants around the Duomo.

How would you spend an ideal day in the city?
Breakfast at Sissi, a walk at one of the many open-air food markets, a picnic with friends in the Porta Venezia gardens, then exhibitions, shopping and a pizza dinner at Piazza Santo Stefano.

Can you recommend any good hotels?
If your budget is low, try Ostello Bello on Via Medici, a really cool hostel.

What can’t you live without?
My friends and our long dinners!

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