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Shopping in Iceland

From the Northern Lights to Nordic design, there’s so much to see in Iceland. Shop tax free in the country with Global Blue and claim your tax back on purchases over 6,000 ISK. Never has shopping in Iceland been so rewarding.



Decadent accessories

A decadent summer evening in Iceland

Shine on this season with a selection of luxurious gold and silver tones, mixed with black

4 hours The capital city is located a mere two degrees south of the Arctic Circle meaning the city gets only four hours of sunlight on its shortest day. Those wishing to escape the dark nights might consider Reykjavik as a new hotspot as during the summer it receives almost 24 hours of daylight

10 facts about Reykjavík

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Yr spring/summer 2013

Bold Icelandic design

How Iceland embraced visionary creatives

Lebowski bar interior

Iceland's best bars and restaurants

Iceland’s bars and restaurants combine high-quality ingredients with international flavour...

City Guides

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5 of the most relaxing Nordic spas

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Estelle and Thild organic make up and body care range

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