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Best healthy-food restaurants in Amsterdam

As the clean-eating trend continues, Amsterdam offers a range of exciting new healthy-eating restaurants. Whether you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurants, top organic juices or just want to sample some of the best food in Amsterdam, our list of the best healthy restaurants is sure to inspire

Emily Scrivener


by Emily Scrivener


Amsterdam has a wide range of top restaurants, delis, cafés and concept stores, and the latest gastronomic trend to feature in the city is for healthy-food restaurants. Healthy menus are popping up across the city, from de Pijp to Amsterdam-Oost, in eateries ranging from bistros to juice bars. Whether you are looking for a nutritious breakfast to fuel you for a day’s exploring, a quick healthy snack or top vegetarian restaurant, we have found some of the best eateries in Amsterdam serving wholesome, healthy food.


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