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Saskia Diez’s ring: a symbol of love

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by Ana Finel Honigman

Saskia Diez ring

Saskia Diez ring

The movies might favour grand romantic gestures but in real life, love is best expressed by smaller details. This delicate 18-carat gold ring by Munich jewellery designer Saskia Diez embodies love in its purest form.

It is a simple, understated statement that demonstrates how love can add magic to everyday life. The thin band hugs the finger, while the two hearts face each other in a show of affection. The small space between them leaves the wearer’s finger freedom to flex without inspiring any desire to remove this charming ring.

Saskia Diez ring, €167

Saskia Diez, Geyerstrasse 20, 80469 Munich,+49 (0)89 2284 5367

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