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Friday, 17 August, 2012 by Sally McIlhone

Hermès chess set

Hermès chess set

This season Hermès has applied its distinctive luxury design aesthetic to a wonderfully varied selection of items. They include cowhide Sellier chairs, wicker baskets, stilettos adorned with seashells and even a wooden washtub.

The standout piece from the collection has to be the oversized chess set, displaying how Hermès successfully combines high quality materials with a sense of fun.

Grand in size and appearance this beautifully made board game consists of 32 handcarved chess pieces in rosewood and mahogany and a mat made from Taurillon Clémence leather on which to plot your moves. For hours of amusement, unpack this enormous entertainment set and prepare for a battle of wills.

Hermès, Maximilianstrasse 22, 80539 Munich, +49 (0)89 220376

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