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Hermès creates another classic – the Clic Clac H bracelet

Hot Product

by Sally Ashley-Cound


Not satisfied with creating the supremely collectable Birkin bag and Heure H watch, Hermès is placing its name on another classic design – the Clic Clac H.

These silver- and palladium-plated, rainbow-coloured enamel bracelets are becoming highly sought after and, with new colours being released every season, it’s hard not to want one to go with every outfit.

The Clic Clac H is available in three different widths; the widest can be worn as a statement piece, the medium to balance out a watch on the other wrist and the slimmest, 1.25cm wide, can worn as part of a collection of other bracelets, much like the Tod’s buckle bracelet.

Hermès, Neuer Wall 40, 20354 Hamburg, +49 (0)40 351 0220


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