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Shopping in Hamburg

Explore Hamburg’s most characterful stores with Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping services. Save up to 14.5% when spending over €25 – never has shopping in Hamburg been so advantageous.



hair accessories spring/summer 2016

Bridal hair accessories

Top designer hair accessories for spring brides

MEllin passage, Hamburg

Best shopping streets in Hamburg

The best places to shop in Hamburg


Babor Research Lab

Scientific beauty brands in Germany

Germany’s high-tech beauty brands are leading the way

Philipp Bree, founder of PB 0110

Germany’s best luxury leather

The country’s best brands are leading the way in leather

City Guides

Chilli Club

Four of the best restaurants in Hamburg

Discover some of the most original eateries in the city

25 Hours Hotel Hafencity, Hamburg

Cool places to eat, shop and stay in Hamburg

The best shops, restaurants and bars to visit in Hamburg