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In store at JM Weston

French luxury shoemaker JM Weston embodies Parisian elegance and timeless style. The brand’s ability to combine high-quality craftsmanship with designs that add a contemporary touch to classic looks have helped it stay in the address books of the city’s most stylish men and women for more than 125 years. Its most covetable pieces play with texture and colour, and feature everything from calfskin to denim. Artistic director Michel Perry talks about the essence of the brand and its Le Marais store

Ximena Daneri
Ximena Daneri ,

‘I have been part of the JM Weston team for 15 years now. During that time, the fashion industry has found or rediscovered a better balance between tradition and creation. Before, people were looking for products that were modern, above all, and the search for creativity came at the expense of quality. Then the trend changed and became about looking for more high-quality products, which was in tune with what JM Weston does.

‘My toughest challenge was my debut in the JM Weston team. It was difficult for me to bring my own vision without changing everything and generating a revolution within the brand. Nevertheless, I wanted to provide something new, to touch a new generation of customers and to mark a gradual evolution for JM Weston while keeping its existing values and its loyal clients.

‘Since the brand was founded over 120 years ago, everything has changed except the basics. There is still this dual aspect: the know-how and tradition of the manufacturing, which has been based in Limoges since 1891, and the elegance and sophistication of Paris. However, a few adjustments were necessary to keep the brand contemporary.

‘The fundamental details are always the same. The brand is in tune with its times: it encapsulates the trends, but without being a fashion brand. It is what makes us different from our competitors. We do not make fashion just to make fashion. We revisit our basics for the traditional customers of today.

‘Nowadays, when you wear JM Weston shoes, you can create your own style and even twist different styles in one look. You can wear a pair of vintage trousers with a cheap T-shirt and nice loafers. There is complete freedom. The new generations understand that and play with all the different styles.

‘This store opened in mid April 2016. Three main collections are available here. First, there are all our iconic models, such as our loafers. Then there is the Country Gents collection and Le Moc’ Weston collection for men and women. The product that encapsulates the brand best is, and will always be, the 180 loafer. It was thanks to these shoes that JM Weston is what it is today: a renowned French luxury shoemaker.’

JM Weston, 46 rue des Archives, 75004 Paris, +33 (0)1 4804 7565



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