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7 of the best tuberose perfumes

Tuberose has one of the world’s most covetable scents. Heady, elegant and feminine, the white flower is loved by many for its powerful floral properties. Whether you are looking for a new perfume for your wedding day or wishing to invest in a sophisticated fragrance, tuberose is sure to impress. Take a look at our guide to the top tuberose perfumes here

Emily Scrivener
Emily Scrivener ,

Tuberose has made a comeback in the last few years thanks to a modern twist on its heady scent. Its waxy white petals offer some of the most feminine notes in the fragrance world, powerful, seductive and impressively elegant. Yet it is sensual, too, and is sometimes described as having an almost carnal smell; intoxicating and dramatic.

Perfumes such as Robert Piguet’s Fracas and Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower celebrate its voluptuousness, exaggerating its heady aspects by using powdery notes from iris and jasmine to enhance the scent. For those who find tuberose too overpowering, brands such as Estée Lauder and Guerlain have reworked the classic fragrance by softening its notes with the addition of fresher scents such as bergamot. Here, we have selected 14 of the best tuberose perfumes to invest in.



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