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7 of the best desserts in Paris

From the jewel-like pâtisserie made by renowned names such as Angelina, Pierre Hermé and Carl Marletti to chocolate boutiques such as Patrick Roger, we guide you to best desserts in Paris and the most appealing places to sample them. Whether you are looking for the best macarons, top chocolates or luscious éclairs, these are some of the top spots for sweet treats in the French capital

Emily Scrivener


by Emily Scrivener


Paris is probably the best city in the world for dessert lovers. Across the French capital, master pâtissiers, bakeries, cake shops and chocolatiers offer tempting arrays of exquisite treats. This is a city of cutting-edge gourmet creativity and over the past few years its pastry chefs have been pioneering new confections and reinventing the way traditional confections are made. Whether you are looking for the most innovative desserts in the city or wanting to sample the classics of French pastry, there’s a tremendous choice. Here we select some of the most renowned Parisian desserts and seek out the best places to find them.


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