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The history of Finnish brand Luhta

Visitors to the Luhta outlet in Lappeenranta will be amazed to learn that such modern creations come from a company founded more than 100 years ago

Hannah Lewis


by Hannah Lewis

Workers at the original Luhta factory

Workers at the original Luhta factory take a break

Finnish fashion company Luhta was founded in 1907. From a two-person company it grew steadily, and by the 1940s Luhta went from offering a small number of products to producing a wide range of clothing. Luhta now has many successful fashion brands and its range includes items for men, women and children, as well as for the house, such as catwalk-inspired fashion from Ril’s, homeware from Leinikki and laid-back pieces from the modern Luhta label.

Luhta Outlet, Myllymäenkatu 32, 53550 Lappeenranta, +358 (0)4 4754 0227


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