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Prague’s top jewellery designers

The rise of contemporary Czech design has taken Prague by storm in recent years and the country’s young jewellers shine particularly brightly, producing award-winning, one-of-a-kind pieces. Elizabeth Haas showcases the best and reveals where to shop for their unique creations

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Elizabeth Haas,

Janja Prokić
One of the Czech Republic’s top jewellery talents isn’t Czech at all. Serbian expatriate Janja Prokić, who recently spent time working in the studio of respected Czech designer Eva Eisler, has made a name for herself with exquisitely detailed brooches inspired by majestic birds. From a cobalt blue peacock with a beaded crest to a deep purple finch with a artfully crafted beak, Prokić’s pieces have alighted in eminent fashion and design boutiques throughout Prague.

Klára Nademlýnská boutique, Dlouhá 3, 110 00 Prague, +420 224 818769

Nastassia Aleinikava
Like Janja Prokić, Nastassia Aleinikava, born in Minsk, Belarus, has established herself quite far from home. Her compelling designs have already made an impression and have been snapped up by connoisseurs for their private collections. Aleinikava’s Lure series, a collaboration with Prokić, explores primordial themes using chains and rings of silver and pearl. The Lure collection was nominated for a Czech Grand Design award 2011.

Dox, Poupětova 1, 170 00 Prague, +420 295 568123

Designers Daniel Pošta and Zdeněk Vacek recently launched the Zorya label, named for mythological Slavic goddesses of the morning and evening stars. Virus, one of the label’s most notable collections, captures the grace of the natural world with pieces derived from experimental crystallisation techniques. Rough-hewn rope necklaces and bracelets provide a sturdy foundation for delicate crystal clusters. Virus received the Editor’s Award for best jewellery collection at Designblok 2011.

Simple Concept Store, Pařížská 20, 110 00 Prague, +420 221 771677

Czech designer Jany Hamrové’s Ja.Ne jewellery range comprises bold geometric rings, earrings and necklaces. Its abstract lines recall shapes such as folded origami creations, decorative paper curls or the curve of a woman’s neck. Hamrové primarily works in silver, though the occasional use of surprising secondary materials such as plastic enhances Ja.Ne’s clean, minimalist feel. Exaggerated details – shoulder-skimming earrings, tweezer-length ring embellishments – lend statement-piece possibility to any one of Hamrové’s ultramodern designs.

Hard-de-Core Gallery, Senovážné náměstí 10, 110 00 Prague, +420 777 094421

Trudi for Dolls
The eclectic brooches handcrafted by designer Martina Malá for her Trudi for Dolls label give the heavy-metal world of contemporary Czech jewellery design a softer edge. The designer uses high-quality felt, glass beads and other carefully chosen materials to achieve accessories that lend a burst of life to any lapel; they are available in a variety of sizes and all manner of interesting hues. Malá’s most popular item is a ribbon bracelet with an attached brooch that can also be worn as a headband or necklace.

Artěl Glass, U Lužického Semináře 7, 118 00 Prague, +420 251 554008

Věra Nováková
Czech jewellery maker Věra Nováková designs original jewellery in limited editions and her work has repeatedly won recognition from the international jewellery community. Combining traditional techniques and materials with a novel approach to form and figure, Nováková is especially noted for her unusual wedding bands, chunky patinated silver bracelets and earrings and rings embedded with gemstones. Her most recent collection features rings and earrings embellished with small moveable balls.

Futurista, Soukenická 8, 110 00 Prague, +420 222 311453

Czech designer and photographer Markéta Dlouhá-Márová’s punky jewellery label Antipearle offers a wide range of rings, earrings and necklaces that represent a spirited departure from the more conservative designs usually associated with pearls. Márová works with imported Pacific white and black freshwater cultivars to conjure a world of pearls encircled and adorned with fangs and other edgy details, to macabre, and yet sublime, effect.

Antipearle, Veverkova 6, 170 00 Prague, +420 605 375728



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