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Shopping in Prague

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10 facts about Prague

Castles, beer and John Lennon – here’s everything you need to know about Prague

Guess by Marciano coat

The best new-season coats from Guess by Marciano

Get ready for the autumn chill with our pick of the most stylish coats from Guess by Marci...


Puppets at Truhlar Marionety

Prague’s traditional marionettes

Discover the city’s quaint hand-made toys

Muset, The Unrelated Twin Collection

Czech it out

A new wave of Czech designers is making waves across Europe, as Michael Stein discovers

City Guides

Charles Bridge

Top visitor attractions in Prague

Soak up the magic of Prague at the five top attractions you shouldn’t leave the city without seeing

Jana Zielinski

Jana Zielinski: My Prague

Jana Zielinski, co-director of Designblok Prague design days and co-producer of the Czech Design Awards, recently opened Křehký Design Gallery

Farid Eslam

Farid Eslam: My Prague

Filmmaker and documentary maker Farid Eslam is the co-founder of, a webzine dedicated to Czech urban culture. He shares his favourite Prague places with SHOP

Prague's skyline shows the range of architectural styles in the city

The most beautiful historical buildings in Prague

Take a tour of Prague and discover the historical buildings that house some of this enchanting city’s fascinating stores, from the Kubista gallery to the Houpací Kůň toy shop