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Spring souvenir: Ambroso's lavender blossom organic honey

Austria produces some of the world’s best honey, so take home Ambroso’s exquisite honey flavoured with lavender blossom; this is a sweet treat too good to keep to yourself

Ginger Rose Clark

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by Ginger Rose Clark

Ambroso organic honey with lavender blossom 340g, €19.90

Photograph: © Bernhard Angerer/Wien

Ambroso organic honey with lavender blossom

Honey has long been valued for everything from its natural sweetness to its antiseptic properties. The rich and unspoiled countryside of Austria, from the mountain pastures of Vorarlberg and Tirol in the west to the gentle meadows of Burgenland in the east, is a perfect haven for honey bees. The Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) area, in the hills to the west of the Austrian capital, became a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 2005. This is where Ambroso honey – an organic honey that is filled with the fragrant aromas of the beautiful Austrian landscape – is produced. You haven’t truly tasted honey until you’ve tasted honey of this standard.

Ambroso organic honey with lavender blossom, 340g, €19.90

Julius Meinl, Graben 19, 1010 Vienna, +43 (0)1 532 3334


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