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Souvenir: Haydenshapes Ando surfboard

Nothing says Sydney souvenir quite like a locally made surfboard from Haydenshapes

Katie Ramsingh

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by Katie Ramsingh

Haydenshapes Ando surfboard in khaki tint

Haydenshapes Ando surfboard

The surfing community in Sydney is one of the most interesting and vibrant elements of the city, so why not take a piece of the surf culture home with you, with your own board from local brand Haydenshapes?

After Hayden Cox’s surfboard broke when he was 15 years old, he spent his entire summer holiday at a surfboard factory learning how to make a new one. A year later he created the brand Haydenshapes. His boards are fun, easy to surf on, improve the ability of the everyday surfer and come in a variety of colourful patterns and designs.

The Ando, designed by pro surfer Craig Anderson, is one of Haydenshapes’s signature surfboard styles. A shortboard that’s ideal for everyday wave conditions, it has a khaki tint that will help you stand out from the crowd at the beach.

Haydenshapes Ando surfboard in khaki tint, A$835

Haydenshapes, 69 Bassett Street, Sydney, NSW 2103, +61 (0)2 9998 9300


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