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How to shop Black Friday sales

The Black Friday shopping extravaganza from America has made its way to Australia, so it’s time to make the most of the offers. Read our guide to discover the best Black Friday sales tips

Katie Ramsingh

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by Katie Ramsingh

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Two pairs of eyes are better than one when it comes to bargain hunting

This year, 25 November is Black Friday, the shopping phenomenon that originated in the US and has made its way across the globe. Australian brands are getting in on the act with big discounts for customers, so if you don’t want to miss out, read our top seven Black Friday shopping tips.


Get a head start
Brands start their sales earlier and earlier each year so be sure to keep an eye on your favourite stores a few days before 25 November, in case you spot an advance bargain.


Be an early bird
The best in-store discounts are usually the first to sell out so, if you’ve seen something you really want, make sure you’re at the store as soon as it opens.


Get technical
Technology stores often offer some of the best discounts and this is the perfect opportunity to update your gadget collection with a new phone, tablet or laptop.


Set a limit
If there’s a certain item you know you want, such as a new pair of shoes, have a maximum amount you’re willing to pay. That way you won’t be swayed by small discounts and you can focus on finding the biggest bargains.


Don’t be too hasty
If you see the item you like on sale, don’t head for the sales desk straight away. Be sure to check out what competitors are offering to ensure you get the highest discount available.


Read up on refund policy
Sale items are usually non-returnable but you should still be allowed to exchange an item in most cases. The situation may be different if you buy something that turns out to be faulty, so always make sure you know the refund terms and conditions before you make a sale purchase.


Tag team
Sometimes two pairs of eyes are better than one so, if you’re limited on time, why not split your sales shopping with a friend? While they tackle the department stores you can hit the boutiques, updating each other via text to compare prices before you buy.


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